Saturday, 28 July 2012

Some flowers for Friday

All these little winter flowers have grown in my garden, as soon as it's past 5 o'clock though, they disappear and wait for the new day.

*** Well, this Friday post is now getting posted on a Saturday morning ***

What I was *going* to say last night was... I'm home from work, with only 2 full weeks left in the office... I'm amazed at how fast the time has gone already... and how good things have been overall. This morning, however, I've woken up early with lots of aches and feeling like another cold is coming on... the pains of being pregz in winter time, in Melbourne and still working in the office. I'm going to smash through lots of oranges and other lovely prevention foods, and hope to keep it away.

Hope these little yellow flowers brighten up your wintery day if you're like me in the South of the World... and hope to see you soon! xo

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