Monday, 23 July 2012

The Lego Blanket

I finished this a while back, but doing the finishing touches and washing it carefully took five years, and finally a pretty gorgeous day for me to spread it out on the lawn!

They're blocks of crocheted granny squares (the easiest kind of crochet, in my opinion) that I started in January this year around the time I found out we were expecting... I'd bought the wool on special, and only needed a revisit to Spotlight for the grey joinery colour, and luckily it was the kind they have all the time...

I'm really into grey and charcoal with orange or red... so the yellow and aqua has become an alternative colouring for me now... it's very sweet. And reminds me of lego.

It probably took 3 months of crocheting the granny squares (on the bus, watching Boardwalk Empire) and another month of edging them with the charcoal wool, and then joining... I love thinking that granny square blankets will be quick, but they never are for me! (Just found this post in May, saying I'm finishing it up)

But they're gorgeous when they finally get done!

The connecting stitch I used was just a slip stitch, instead of a single crochet, which made the backing a little thicker and raised... this used to make me annoyed, that it didn't sit flat, but the other way of joining them, is just annoying to do... and this way it's really quick to join... Using a needle will take me forever. If you crochet, what's your best way to join granny squares?

And, as I forgot that I had a challenge in place this year, this is 6/100 for my 100 Things Challenge... and hopefully I'll get a few more photos up of what I've made. I have made a few baby hats, and of course given them away without photographing them. Oh well...

Happy Monday and hope you have a great week!



  1. Oooh, pretty! Love it. Great colour combination, too. :-)

  2. Lovely! I do really like a granny square blanket. I tend to join with single crochet (double in UK terms) as I like the raised join but next time try lucy's join as you go method from attic 24 (you'll have to google sorry mr iPhone won't let me paste). The only thing I don't like about that method is its not as solid as others, but worth a shot!
    P.S guess I'll have to think of something else for your bubba as you've got the crochet items you need ... Unless you haven't made booties yet? lol

  3. It's beautiful! and I love the colours too. I join by over-sewing together, but I am definitely NOT very expert at crochet, hehe. I really should learn how to do it properly :)

  4. Love it! primary colours yay!

    it's the joining that always puts me off these kind of projects. I actually just learn to crochet last week (as a knitter it was kind of putting me off, and the patterns still scare me a little).

  5. Very pretty! I like the colors you used! I try to get crocheting done in front of the tv but the baby is worse than the cat when it comes to stringing the yarn all over the living room! Hope you and Daddy are resting up for your upcoming adventure!

  6. It turned out beautifully! I love all the colors and it definitely looks like legos to me :) Well done!

  7. It's beautiful. Can you tell me how you did the edging? IS it just another round - or two - of the granny square?


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