Sunday, 15 July 2012

What happens during Masterchef

My little break from work is almost over, but it's been a really good 'clear the head' couple of weeks... and a great relaxing time with my unborn child. AND during my Masterchef catch ups, I've been crocheting all my scrap wool into granny squares!

Lately, I haven't been as inspired to make clothing (I was hoping to get a Sew Weekly theme up this week or next, but alas) as before my pregnancy, and my sewing room is dark and cold in winter... so not the best place in the house to be at the moment. We got central heating put in for the main rooms, but as the sewing room is a little add-on sunroom type place, it's chilly ... and with gloomy lighting. Not the best for threading needles! Before the baby arrives, we'll have a few changes with the house (we hope!) so maybe the lighting in the sewing room can get fixed up as well.

But, my creating buzz is still there... and I certainly cannot sit still and *just* watch TV! Hurrah for granny squares and baby blankets! This one will have a bit of every colour, but with blocks of red in places as well... and I think joined with a creamy woody colour to frame... I was going to frame with black, but I always frame with a dark colour on my crochet blankets, so I might see what a lighter natural looking colour does.

Hoping you've had a lovely weekend, like mine, and I might just pop around your blogs now to OO and AAAH over your sewing creations! Did you get any projects finished? Hope so!



  1. I am STILL crocheting No. 2's blanket. 15 squares to go! Not as easy to get the time with round 2. Perhaps you should start your next bubby's blanket while still preggers with No.1. I might try to do one now...

  2. Last night we watched Season 4 of True Blood and I made a bunch of tissue paper pom poms for the babys room and for my baby shower. I always have to be doing something while watching tv. I hate just sitting on the lounge doing nothing.

  3. That is such a beautiful and cheerful pile of granny squares! How gorgeous is your blanket going to be!

  4. What bright and cheery granny squares! They are all so delightful. I'm excited to see them all put together :)


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