Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Birthday Bunting

My little nephew turned 1 on Monday, and I was determined to be a little DIY last week during my first week of maternity leave. Using my mum's machine (I stayed in the country for a while as our kitchen is being renovated - of course - what else would you do at 36 weeks pregnant?) I created some dreamy birthday bunting... but made the circus colours so he and his mum can use them anytime as well!

For his name bunting, I took a little more care, curved the edges (using a soup bowl for the pattern) of the bunting, and backed each with cotton drill...  and zig zag stitched his name to each 'flag'... but I also used thicker ribbon and top stitched the ribbon *between* the top fabric and the backing drill, so his name bunting can be washed up on and used again and again (OF COURSE you'd love your name hung around the house, or is that just me?)...

The normal bunting I just cut into triangles, and zig zag stitched it to a 4 metre ribbon (if you look in Spotlight the cheapest stuff is actually 3m or 4m of satin-esque 3mm or 4mm ribbon, heaps of colours, for maybe 99 cents... instead of the normal cotton bias binding which is 69 cents a metre)... cheap and nasty, but fine for kids bunting...

I have heaps of triangles left over, so will make more for any OTHER BABIES that come along and need some circus colour n cheer.

How gorgeous is his birthday cake too?

(The Smarties were my sewing snack food last week! I *still* can't get enough chocolate and ice cream!)



  1. aww very nice! I love bunting. It is so happy and fun.

  2. Sometimes I just want my kids to be little again! Such fun.

  3. How cute!! What a nice, festive touch for his party!

  4. Love the colours! So pretty and happy. :-)

    (Also, snap! In the middle of renovating our kitchen as well. A colleague suggested it was the 'nesting' phase gone rather extreme, haha!) Hope your reno is going well!


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