Monday, 13 August 2012

Last Week of Work: Monday

Thank you all for your lovely well wishes about my mat leave! My last week of work turned out to be super fun but super busy (especially Wed/Thurs/Friday - which I should have predicted) and now it's the first Monday of my Maternity Leave! I should have explained Long Service Leave a bit better (but thanks for your gush Oona!)... For you darlings not working in Australian public/government jobs, our organisation offers Long Service Leave for employees who have committed over 10 years of service to the organisation... Whilst I've been at different parts of the ABC, it's around 11 or 12 years (as I was part time for a while at the start when I was a little radio producer)... so after 10 years, the deal is you get 3 months paid leave. ASTONISHING. But also something I'd recall my teachers getting when they were like 55 years old, so hence my dorkiness for staying at the same place through my twenties.

BUT! Not that there's been a life plan in place, I'm pretty happy with my career, my achievements and the amazing people I've been able to work with through that whole time. GOSH, SO REFLECTIVE and it's only really the third day of mat leave! Better not cry!

So last week, Husbie helped me grab a cute little photo each day of my pregz fash, because at 35 weeks, these are the best of the best outfits (that fit me)!

Monday I wore a wooly op shopped swing dress, op shopped tights (these ones were new in the packet!) and my new Melissa shoes (a present to myself for being happy n healthy at 33 weeks, so my GP wrote me a note to stay at work an extra week) from Mandrake and Willow (a GORGEOUS little shop in Yarraville - I'll write more about later!).

The swing dress accidentally ended up in a warmer wash cycle, as don't we all love that when 50% wool items get heated... but luckily it didn't shrink too small for the bump, as I stretched it out and stopped the felting of a few areas when it was wet. I have to wear little shortie shorts underneath, but I love how 60s Mod it looks and it's super warm. Most of these morning photos are around 7.30 or 8am so it's kinda 8 degrees C - and my smile looks more like a grimace to me!

Happy Monday to you!



  1. I think you look JUBILANT, as well you should... and holy cow. I want a job I love for 12 years and 3 months off. do I haz to be preggers? :)))))

    1. Thank you darling! Long Service Leave is for everyone at our work! Come and work in radio with us! (Although I'm not there for a bit - LOL)

  2. You look so utterly fabulous!!! I wish you all the best and a fun-filled maternity leave of preparation and relaxation. Oh, and DAMN your hair looks good!


    1. Thank you Zoe! The hair's been a bit of a mess (growing so fast, annoyingly) so THANK YOU!

  3. hooray for public radio! do most women have to stop working at 34 weeks per doctor's recommendations? women in the US are rather encouraged, strongly, to work right up 'til the day they deliver, a practice i find silly in the extreme. are you going to take some unpaid time after the 3 months is up, or go back then?


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