Thursday, 16 August 2012

Last Week of Work: Thursday

Last Thursday was a ker-razy day at work. KER-fuffles and things to fix, a problem solving kinda day, and I was thinking "Please universe, I have to leave work, I have to go on maternity leave... just let me go..." because I felt like everything was stirring and sad that I was leaving so it threw all kinds of shit that hittith the fan. You know what I mean. But, we overcame all obstacles AS ALWAYS (even though some lasted til Friday too!) and all was good in the world again.

And FINALLY, here's another stretchy T shirt dress I made last month that's been a gem to wear as the body expands....

But these photos make Le Bump look smaller than Wednesday's photos... how WEIRD.

And the info for the new handmade dress (how little I have made this year compared to last year, OMG):

The Facts

Fabric: Light stretch polyester blend of something, Spotlight $7 a metre
Pattern: Self drafted, but using Built By Wendy's Sew U Stretch techniques, with a scoopier neckline for future breastfeeding days.
Notions: just thread
Year: 2012
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: July 2012
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $14

AMAZING. Thanks again for your lovely comments! And love the guesses on the baby's gender... I WONDER so much more these days... but still no vibes either way.

P.S. A few maternity leave questions have popped up recently in my comments... just thought I'd get some info out here... Yes in my area of public service/government organisation, I had to take maternity leave 6 weeks prior to the due date... (and for you feminists, they actually called it 'confinement date' not due date. How I gnashed teeth and even tried to call it parental leave - to no avail) ... you CAN stay longer at work, if you get a Doctor's approval. My Dr approved an extra week, so that's why I've wrapped up work at 35 weeks pregnant... which gave me a little less than 4 weeks with my Sept 12th due date. I could have pushed for more, as I've been totally healthy and happy throughout the pregz (morning sickness and heartburn was my only worry) but just thought I should get into a different mindset for birth and post birth life... which has been good so far this week.

Yep, we get 3 months paid maternity leave at my work, and nup, I'm taking 6 months at half pay... which combined with my 3 months Long Service Leave at half pay ... gives me just around 12 months... So quite the break from work, but as I'm looking at parenthood as my new 'role' and like a job (just a different job), I don't see it as a 'break' or a 'holiday'.

Anyways, hope that's cleared a bit for you guys asking... I know it's different for everyone, and I'm extremely luckily 12 months can be paid (even on half pay) leave for me...

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  1. My work makes me get signed off after 34 weeks as well. I am staying until 37 weeks so I have to get a letter from my doctor at my next appointment. I get the paid parental leave through the government which is 16 weeks and then I have a few weeks holidays saved up. I am going to try and take 12 months to but that is heavily dependant on Corey's work and we are going financially. Fingers crossed all works out! I think so much happens in that first year it would be a bummer to have to go back to work early.


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