Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Last Week of Work: Tuesday

Yep, purple and black! I made this stretchy dress last year during Sew Weekly 2011 for the Spanish Harlem theme and it's so comfy as pregz fash this year. Totally one of my faves to wear, and I've 'teamed' it up here with my op shopped cardi (a lovely wool blend one I found recently - great!), a bit of leftover stretch knit that turns into a scoopy, loopy scarf cowl thing and my velvet or velveteen op shopped jacket (a recently QLD op shop find!).

Again, it's early in the morning so Husbie snapped these quick photos for me in the freezing cold. I actually can't remember (one week on!) what happened at work this day. I know I went there, I know I must have worked... but that's how weird my brain is at the moment, I just am so fluid going with the flow... each day as it comes and I've already forgotten last week... SO pleased we took these photos now though, I love how cute I look here! And weirdly so much larger than the Monday outfit!



  1. You look so lovely and happy here! Enjoy the last week of work! :)

  2. oh look at you, so big! and cute! That's a long time before the baby you're going on leave. I think I will stick to two weeks because I want as much time with le bebe as possible before I have to go back to the big bad world of work. but five weeks of pre-newborn calm does sound lovely!

    1. SO big right?! In my paperwork for maternity leave (through my organisation), it actually requires you take 6 weeks prior to your due date, unless your Doctor approves you to stay longer... so I got an extra week in... but now that I'm not at work, it's much better for my body/brain... and I found last week I became really clumsy and couldn't hold onto pens properly... so now I can be klutzy in my own home instead of embarrass myself at work!


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