Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Last Week of Work: Wednesday

It was an absolutely freezing day last Wednesday, and yep that's why I look pained with my smilez but why the big old teddy bear jacket had to return! Luckily I was inside for most of the day at work... but how much bigger do I look on the side here:

Gigantic! Every Wednesday or Thursday is our new 'week' so these photos show me as 35 weeks pregz, and TOTALLY showing it. I also think after wearing these undies and tights together, I had really puffy legs, as I've gone up 2 sizes in undies, but sometimes I forget and wear my old ones. YES, I'm talking underwear on my blog, and yes, that is a photo of my undie curves on my blog. #NoFear here my friends.

You've seen this pregz fash dress before, I made it a few weeks back from leftover stretch knit my friend gave me, and it might be on it's last legs already this week or next... we'll see if I get any bigger up front.

Op shopped scarf with that 80s nautical look (I've had it for at least 5 years I think, so not a new op shop purchase) and the jacket was a present at least 12 years ago from my flatmate. And good old Melissa shoes in jungle print (do we say jungle when we don't know the animal responsible for the print? Or is it just 'animal' print?).



  1. I'm betting on a boy based on your shape. You look so happy and healthy, enjoy!

  2. I love to see you so very happy! It reminds me of my own pregnancy and it make me smile ...
    I wish you all the best!


  3. You look absolutely terrific; enjoy these last few weeks. It will be over before you know it... :)
    and I still adore that teddy coat of yours :D

  4. I love the pregz fashion - so beautiful!


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