Friday, 3 August 2012

Loved Up

Hey! Hope you've had a great week, and YAY it's Friday!

Husbie has ducked out in the cold to get us some Indian takeaway (hello, garlic naan etc), and I found these garden photos for you today because... I'm so deliciously happy, and with one week left of my day job before maternity leave, I'm just so thankful of everything in my life and am loved up on everybody in it. Loved up!

So - here's some lovely flowers for you! Imagine I've had them delivered to your doorstep from mine!

It's so lovely when we have such great friends, family, work friends coming into our life, and being pregnant and so gushy at the moment, I'm just collecting up so many beautiful vibes for my human child to be! I can't really explain it, other than I feel a wonderful wash of happiness... a lovely contentedness, completeness etc etc etc...

And so yes, one more week of work. 5 days at my darling office with my darling co-workers and then an openness to grow more, birth a baby, learn new things about myself and Husbie and be challenged and love each other more. Gush x a million.

Talk soon xo


  1. What a magical time for you. Enjoy it lovely. I'll bet you are positively glowing. If a happy Mama makes for a happy baby, you are preparing perfectly. :)

  2. Oh, you're adorable! Sending you big hugs (sideways hugs, due to bumps getting in the way. I find it highly entertaining when I go to hug someone these days and can hardly reach - do you get the same thing? :-p).


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