Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby Sleeping Bag

Last week, I caught a little 'Me-Time' in the Sewing Room before the newborn arrives in the real world. And with some cotton towelling from Spotlight, I made a Sleeping Bag with a little Hoodie! 

My Mama gave me the bias tape last year, and the mismatched buttons are from the stash, and I only included them because Max in Where the Wild Things Are has them on his jumpsuit... The ears were just really improvised pieces that I turned inside out, and stitched on, and then hand stitched so they'd stay up if one was to wear the hoodie... And one doesn't even know if one's child will wear this (what we think is adorable is often not comfy for the kidlets, right?)! But it's just so lovely anyways!

Being on maternity leave has left me as a Lady of Leisure, but a lady who can't go too far from the bathroom, or too far from a nice siesta spot ... so my daytime activities are small, close to home and often car trips. (For example, I changed my shopping schedule yesterday to visit a real life annoying shopping mall/centre because there were lovely bathrooms. And yes, I was there for 2 hours and visited the bathroom 4 times).

ANYWAYS, so much pregnancy goss and sidetracking! I was in our lovely west village for a massage and enjoyed a lovely late morning brunch with Nikkishell the other week! And she passed on so many lovely goodies, these baby sewing patterns above being the ones I Frankenstein-ed together for the Sleeping Bag. It's absolutely massive, not a 3 month old size (like it suggests) and I'm not sure if that's the pattern or the material I chose?!

Thanks Nichola! My offspring sewing is only just beginning... not sure if I'll make anything else (oh boy am I rolypoly today - BIG but no baby yet) before the birth... but we'll see.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for your thoughts and comments this week! Maybe we'll have news within the next week or so?!



  1. Such an adorable sleeping bag! I love the cute little ears :) I hope you enjoy this relative quiet time, before the beautiful babe arrives. They are a lot easier to take care of *in* than *out*!

  2. Completely cute! Except for the buttons! Those are choking hazards and should never be on baby clothes. No matter how securely sewed or how careful you are, the risk is still not zero.

  3. It looks comfy as well as adorable. The ears are so sweet.

  4. So sweet, I have found these baby sleeping bags so useful - if you are worried about it being too big at first, a button and buttonhole halfway down each armhole will help keep it on a small wriggly babe. Buttons sewn on tightly are highly unlikely (nothing in this world is zero risk!) to choke your newborn or young baby - plenty of commercial baby clothes that have to meet strict industry safety standards have buttons on them - and young babies are unlikely to have the strength and coordination to grip and pull or suck off tightly sewn on buttons!


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