Friday, 21 September 2012

Spring Break: The Radio

I love our new kitchen and the shelves above the sink and NEW dishwasher, but I miss the radio. I've given it a good rest while on maternity leave (so far) because otherwise I think too much about work, and hear good ideas and get a little carried away with 'radio producer' mode thinking instead of 'fluid and relaxed and calm' mode... the latter being so much more suitable for planning for birth, in my opinion.

The radio set is all ready though, in the new kitchen!


  1. I think I need to get a radio. I wake up and turn the tv on to have background noise but I don't think that is a good habit to teach bubs.

  2. I love the ABC radio during the day. I even get annoyed in summer when the cricket is on... but no more with my digital radio ...
    Good to see you are well. I HATE tv on in the day time... just annoying.


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