Monday, 31 December 2012

Bye Bye 2012!

Hope you've had a wonderful Festive Season so far! How did it get to be the end of the year already!?

Our first Baby Darling Christmas was gorgeous, dressing the babe in red and white and stuffing his stocking (with donations to Unicef and the Red Cross - what a very Charitable Santa visiting this year!) and eating a LOT of good food.

We're not big on gift giving, but I think I've developed a personal tradition of receiving Melissas each year, and this year Baby Darling found the 'Mel' brand of Melissa Shoes and gave these pinky pair to me (How does such a little boy know where to shop for Mel Shoes? He'd never even been to Brunswick Street before!).

It's not been on purpose, but I've collected a few pink things in the past year or so... especially as I've had to update my wardrobe to accommodate a pregz style and now a breastfeeding style. These Mel shoes have been around for a while, and the short wedge heel appealed to my Mama Style, for I'm walking so much and carrying a bebe around these days... just can't wear the normal heels for a long period... so these are as practical as I can get for a bit of heel.

This past week of holidays with Husbie and Baby Darling and my family has been very quiet and I've been able to do a lot of thinking and planning and reflecting... as we all do at this time of year. As always, I don't do resolutions, but I love planning my sewing schedule or way of life and living... Next year will be our first full year with Baby Darling, and as I found out in January were were expecting him, I've felt 2012 was a massive year of growing him. 2013 will be more of the same I'm sure, but with being less ill (pregnancy nausea and tiredness occupied a lot of my time), I'm planning on getting back to my old way of life... with creating my own stuff, and getting back to reusing, recycling, repairing and all the 're' words we love. Out of convenience I've bought new clothes (mostly online, while breastfeeding) but I wouldn't have felt up to leaving the house without my maternity bras & various 2 piece items.

I'm really looking forward to the new year! Thanks for being darling online friends this year, reading my sporadic posts, commenting here and there and blogging your life as well (as I've loved reading your sewing stories in 2012!)... so cheers to creativity in the sewing room and online! Hope to see you well and happy n 2013.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Merry Tidings Blessings

 This year, I discovered our potted Christmas tree had withered, and my (pretty shonky) green thumbs could not revived it. So my next best effort of being thrifty & non-consumering (one of my peeves about Christmas time is the waste & capitalist approach of more more more) was to trot across the road to the park & bush area and pick up sticks LITERALLY. I grabbed as many long and branchy branches (the kinds that could host decorations of course)!

When in Hobart I bought some handcrafted little decorations from one little store called 'Maker' in Salamanca, and some second hand baubles from the Op Shop... minimalist and a branchy first Christmas tree for Baby Darling, who won't remember it all anyways... just from photos!

Husbie found this little sign from the shop up the road from us in West Footscray:

He also took these photos, just magical!

Happy Holidays, Christmas or whatever you celebrate! Love to you and hope you're with family & friends and sharing some laughs and good food! That's what Christmas means to me, so wishing you the same!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Dress Planning!

It's taken since Tuesday to get this far, and this photo is from late on Friday night, and now I'm blogging on Sunday! Babyland is dreamy but space and time are nothing I've ever known! Every glimpse of 'Me Time' I get, while Baby Darling is asleep is spent kinda doing 'Mama Time' things, like washing, hanging out laundry, prepping food for all of us, or paying bills and doing life admin shizz!

BUT, this week, Baby Darling is growing up a little and playing by himself for a 20 minutes here and there... so I'm going CRAZY and splashing out and making a dress to wear (hopefully!) on Christmas Day! There's no back up time for sewing, so fingers crossed this dress fits divinely.

Because I'm using stretch knit, I've used the kitchen table (with it's nifty smooth glass top) to lay out this Spotlight special fabric and used a 'good fitting' skirt or my old minty dress instead of the pattern piece (which was loosely gathered, and I don't want a gathered skirt with knit fabric). FINGERS CROSSED.

Are you making any special holiday outfits? I wish I could make another one for a BBQ I'm heading to tonight, but oh well!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Earrings Anniversary

I've had my ears pierced for a year now, and here are my first gorgeous 'real' pair of earrings, in that my boys bought them for me! Husbie spotted them in a gallery art shop in Salamanca in Hobart and they're handmade by a Tassie artist... she uses piano wire in some of her bigger items... and hang on! I thought I'd lost her name/info in our travels back here, but I've just found the little box they came in!

Ha ha! The artist is Sandy Wrightson, and there's a lovely write up about her recent discovery into jewellery making! Nice work for a newbie I reckon! They're perfect anniversary earrings!

A year on, I love having my ears pierced and probably should have got them done sooner than 33 years old. Oh well! I'm really sensitive though, so can't really do any shoddy metals (even the ones that say 'allergy free', I get irritated by)... so 'good' pairs of earrings are well loved by me. I haven't bought any vintage or older style ones, so I wonder... do you know if the metals are better from certain eras?

I hope, being a Friday here, you are finishing up your day jobs, packing the bags for a holiday or having a great celebratory drink here or there... but hopefully I'll check in soon (I'm grabbing precious sewing room minutes here and there, so hopefully I'll have a Christmas Dress to show you!)!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hobart Holiday: The Food!

We planned our visit to Hobart for Husbie's birthday, and due to us not having a proper holiday for a while. And now with our Baby Darling, it was our first family holiday! We'd heard Hobart was good for food, and I wouldn't go crazy over fine dining, but I really do need to eat happily and healthily and as I'm with a breast fed babe: I need to eat a hell of a lot.

The above brekky is Eggs Royale from Machine Laundry Cafe, and was a perfect start to Husbie's birthday and our holiday! Below is the delish window display of Jackman & McRoss Bakery up on Battery Point...

And our view from Somerset on the Pier, an apartment we stayed in that was ON the waterfront so had views all around the harbour area in Hobart. Just gorgeous!

The other bakery we tried out was Daci & Daci where I ate so much, including one of these mini pavlovas, or meringues! The size of my hand! And what a funny gingerbread house!

One of our last brunch places was Tricycle Cafe & Bar, which was also just delish! Baked eggs for me, and how darling is their water bottle, with a sprig of mint?!

And now that I'm not pregnant, I just wanna eat soft serve all the time. YUK but delish at the same time:

 And right after this photo, Santa turned up in the shopping centre, so Baby Darling (and Husbie & I) grabbed a photo with him. Hilarious! How good are my shellac Christmas nails? SO GOOD. Hobart has everything you need!


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hobart Holiday: The Views!

Yes, I've got my hands full with my Baby Darling (3 months old now!)... so you're probably ok with me only dropping in to the blog every now and again... but we've also been on our first family holiday together. What a cute threesome we were travelling to Hobart!

If you're a non-Australian, Hobart is the southern most capital city in our country and has had a lot of attention in most recent years due to the new Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), it has a great/interesting story behind it (check out the wiki for the matter of fact) but within my community it's had so much buzz... it boasts great and grotesquely gorgeous artwork, but has a strong music connection (PJ Harvey played the festival earlier this year) as well and everyone I know has been there.

We took the ferry across, which was just gorgeous for Baby Darling to set sail for the first time!

Hobart is full of great waterways, views galore and a magnificently steep mountain ... right in town... Mt Wellington. Yep, we relaxed up there!

We visited our friends in Carlton, down near the beach, and pretty much every couple of metres along the beach road you could take the best photos. Our friends have a big deck facing west for the sunsets are amazing.

In town, we just loved rolling Baby Darling around in his stroller, to park to park, restaurant to cafe, coffee to vino... it was just a perfect holiday for us all.

Travelling with Baby Darling was great, I booked apartments for us (with washing machine/dryer access) and made our luggage lighter (planning ahead, I know!), and we just had his stroller for town & the Baby Bjorn (just at the beach). Everything in Baby World is a challenge if you think it's a challenge (my darling friend Shona shared that with me), so in my Baby World I don't want any challenges, I set a really low expectation on everything (as I do with most things anyways)... like if we have to stay in our apartment all day instead of eating out, who cares? If Baby Darling does a massive poo-nami (pun on tsunami) at MONA, just laugh it off and clean it up... who cares! The gallery has the world famous Poo Machine anyways on display!

But, yeh, Hobart you are gorgeous and we will be back! There were so many more cafes & restaurants we couldn't fit in, and maybe next time I'll be brave enough to take a dip in the lovely clean ocean!


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