Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Dress Planning!

It's taken since Tuesday to get this far, and this photo is from late on Friday night, and now I'm blogging on Sunday! Babyland is dreamy but space and time are nothing I've ever known! Every glimpse of 'Me Time' I get, while Baby Darling is asleep is spent kinda doing 'Mama Time' things, like washing, hanging out laundry, prepping food for all of us, or paying bills and doing life admin shizz!

BUT, this week, Baby Darling is growing up a little and playing by himself for a 20 minutes here and there... so I'm going CRAZY and splashing out and making a dress to wear (hopefully!) on Christmas Day! There's no back up time for sewing, so fingers crossed this dress fits divinely.

Because I'm using stretch knit, I've used the kitchen table (with it's nifty smooth glass top) to lay out this Spotlight special fabric and used a 'good fitting' skirt or my old minty dress instead of the pattern piece (which was loosely gathered, and I don't want a gathered skirt with knit fabric). FINGERS CROSSED.

Are you making any special holiday outfits? I wish I could make another one for a BBQ I'm heading to tonight, but oh well!



  1. I hope that you find just enough time. Thanks also for the Tassie food tips. I'm looking forward to it sooo much!

  2. I made Imogen an outfit but nothing for me. I'm working on something at the moment but it won't be done till after Christmas.

  3. You brave girl...hope it gets finished...and that Santa drops on by!


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