Friday, 21 December 2012

Earrings Anniversary

I've had my ears pierced for a year now, and here are my first gorgeous 'real' pair of earrings, in that my boys bought them for me! Husbie spotted them in a gallery art shop in Salamanca in Hobart and they're handmade by a Tassie artist... she uses piano wire in some of her bigger items... and hang on! I thought I'd lost her name/info in our travels back here, but I've just found the little box they came in!

Ha ha! The artist is Sandy Wrightson, and there's a lovely write up about her recent discovery into jewellery making! Nice work for a newbie I reckon! They're perfect anniversary earrings!

A year on, I love having my ears pierced and probably should have got them done sooner than 33 years old. Oh well! I'm really sensitive though, so can't really do any shoddy metals (even the ones that say 'allergy free', I get irritated by)... so 'good' pairs of earrings are well loved by me. I haven't bought any vintage or older style ones, so I wonder... do you know if the metals are better from certain eras?

I hope, being a Friday here, you are finishing up your day jobs, packing the bags for a holiday or having a great celebratory drink here or there... but hopefully I'll check in soon (I'm grabbing precious sewing room minutes here and there, so hopefully I'll have a Christmas Dress to show you!)!


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  1. THey look lovely! (And so do you by the way. I haven't been here in a while, so I have some catching up to do. Hope all is well there and that you can soak up some delicious sunshine. I can't wait to see the sun around here again! LOL)

    Hugs to you!


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