Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Merry Tidings Blessings

 This year, I discovered our potted Christmas tree had withered, and my (pretty shonky) green thumbs could not revived it. So my next best effort of being thrifty & non-consumering (one of my peeves about Christmas time is the waste & capitalist approach of more more more) was to trot across the road to the park & bush area and pick up sticks LITERALLY. I grabbed as many long and branchy branches (the kinds that could host decorations of course)!

When in Hobart I bought some handcrafted little decorations from one little store called 'Maker' in Salamanca, and some second hand baubles from the Op Shop... minimalist and a branchy first Christmas tree for Baby Darling, who won't remember it all anyways... just from photos!

Husbie found this little sign from the shop up the road from us in West Footscray:

He also took these photos, just magical!

Happy Holidays, Christmas or whatever you celebrate! Love to you and hope you're with family & friends and sharing some laughs and good food! That's what Christmas means to me, so wishing you the same!



  1. Merry Christmas to the lovely Darling Family!

  2. beautiful mama darling, merry christmas to you and your warm family! i adore your tree :))


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