Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hobart Holiday: The Food!

We planned our visit to Hobart for Husbie's birthday, and due to us not having a proper holiday for a while. And now with our Baby Darling, it was our first family holiday! We'd heard Hobart was good for food, and I wouldn't go crazy over fine dining, but I really do need to eat happily and healthily and as I'm with a breast fed babe: I need to eat a hell of a lot.

The above brekky is Eggs Royale from Machine Laundry Cafe, and was a perfect start to Husbie's birthday and our holiday! Below is the delish window display of Jackman & McRoss Bakery up on Battery Point...

And our view from Somerset on the Pier, an apartment we stayed in that was ON the waterfront so had views all around the harbour area in Hobart. Just gorgeous!

The other bakery we tried out was Daci & Daci where I ate so much, including one of these mini pavlovas, or meringues! The size of my hand! And what a funny gingerbread house!

One of our last brunch places was Tricycle Cafe & Bar, which was also just delish! Baked eggs for me, and how darling is their water bottle, with a sprig of mint?!

And now that I'm not pregnant, I just wanna eat soft serve all the time. YUK but delish at the same time:

 And right after this photo, Santa turned up in the shopping centre, so Baby Darling (and Husbie & I) grabbed a photo with him. Hilarious! How good are my shellac Christmas nails? SO GOOD. Hobart has everything you need!



  1. That soft serve actually looks REALLY good!!!!

  2. Yum! I love holiday food. That first pic looks delicious!

  3. I haven't been to Tassie for a number of years but I STILL talk about and remember the food! So FRESH and delish.

  4. Yummo! Have to head off to my kitchen now....

  5. I'm heading down to Hobart in January, so will follow your food tips and report back. As a new mum you'll be amused to learn that this is my first holiday alone with husband in 21 years!

    1. Oh Gail! You'll have the BEST time! Are you going during the Taste Festival? (I'll pop over to your blog and ask you that too) xoxo


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