Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hobart Holiday: The Views!

Yes, I've got my hands full with my Baby Darling (3 months old now!)... so you're probably ok with me only dropping in to the blog every now and again... but we've also been on our first family holiday together. What a cute threesome we were travelling to Hobart!

If you're a non-Australian, Hobart is the southern most capital city in our country and has had a lot of attention in most recent years due to the new Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), it has a great/interesting story behind it (check out the wiki for the matter of fact) but within my community it's had so much buzz... it boasts great and grotesquely gorgeous artwork, but has a strong music connection (PJ Harvey played the festival earlier this year) as well and everyone I know has been there.

We took the ferry across, which was just gorgeous for Baby Darling to set sail for the first time!

Hobart is full of great waterways, views galore and a magnificently steep mountain ... right in town... Mt Wellington. Yep, we relaxed up there!

We visited our friends in Carlton, down near the beach, and pretty much every couple of metres along the beach road you could take the best photos. Our friends have a big deck facing west for the sunsets are amazing.

In town, we just loved rolling Baby Darling around in his stroller, to park to park, restaurant to cafe, coffee to vino... it was just a perfect holiday for us all.

Travelling with Baby Darling was great, I booked apartments for us (with washing machine/dryer access) and made our luggage lighter (planning ahead, I know!), and we just had his stroller for town & the Baby Bjorn (just at the beach). Everything in Baby World is a challenge if you think it's a challenge (my darling friend Shona shared that with me), so in my Baby World I don't want any challenges, I set a really low expectation on everything (as I do with most things anyways)... like if we have to stay in our apartment all day instead of eating out, who cares? If Baby Darling does a massive poo-nami (pun on tsunami) at MONA, just laugh it off and clean it up... who cares! The gallery has the world famous Poo Machine anyways on display!

But, yeh, Hobart you are gorgeous and we will be back! There were so many more cafes & restaurants we couldn't fit in, and maybe next time I'll be brave enough to take a dip in the lovely clean ocean!



  1. Oh nice to hear from the Darling family! Tassie is great! and that's the most helpful attitude to have with any baby. You just do what you can do and that's all there is to it! Glad you are well!

  2. It looks like a lovely town; glad to hear you are loving mommyhood! ;)

  3. Ha ha poo-nami! Imogen did that when we went to visit my old work on Tuesday. Hilarious!!! We are taking Imogen on her first holiday to Melbourne to visit my sister after Christmas. I am excited and nervous but we will just take it as it comes.

    1. Fantastic Kat! It's good to fly with them when they're little I've heard! Baby D was good, I just fed him on the way there, so the sucking is good for his ears... and same on the way back, but he fell asleep! xoxo


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