Friday, 4 January 2013

100 Things Update

Last year, I set myself up with an open ended deadline of 100 Things in whenever time... I was pregnant and wanted a slow moving and no deadline approach to creating anything at anytime, and my 13 Things of 2012 (that I remembered to blog about) were pretty cool considering. . . considering I had no sewing mojo, as the pregnancy left me feeling tired and nauseous, whilst I didn't feel like committing to making too many clothes for myself as a pregnant person... I also didn't feel like making baby clothes or decorations ... I guess I'm just not that type of person either.

So my favourite 2012 item would have to be the darling dress inspired by Betty from the tv show Mad Men:

And I'll be a non-breastfeeding person one day to wear it again (little fact in the above photo I am 'secret pregnant' when you don't want to tell anyone just in case, as it was too early for the scan and for work to know etc).

The 'Thing' I totally forgot I made was:

As much as I love hair accessories, I forget to wear them. I stick with flowers the most (I'll have to think of fabric flowers to make as some more 'Things') if I do stick a hair accessory in, but like jewellery, I'm forgetful that I own them!

So 13/100 isn't a too bad start for me in 2013! If I make one 'Thing' a week (as my current goal is) then I should be finito by mid 2014! It took 2 years to make 100 Outfits (from memory) so we'll see how I go!


EEP! Stay cool Melbourne! It's HOT! x

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