Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ahem, a 2013 Update

Hey again (so soon!), and yep, even after my first post yesterday, I'm back again, as I've been reflecting. Reflecting on 2013 already! ? !

I think I'll add in handmade stuff as an option (if I can't make things myself) and also the last point about planning ahead for purchases (which I initially thought was for fabrics and what not, or the secondhand option) I've added to plan for what I make too (dur!), but plan ahead like, I have a party on Saturday, I need to make something by Wednesday etc etc etc because with a baby, time can easily slip by.

So my daily life ideals (I'll keep forgetting what I call these, I'm sure - maybe I should add them to my side bar on the blog?) are:

Avoid new products

Make first, buy secondhand second or handmade

Make something every week

Write everyday in someway (blog here or just write in my journal/diary)

Plan ahead for crafty pursuits & purchases

So my Baby Darling Chrissie Present (in the above piccie) were the darling shoes... what I love about Mel and Melissa shoes, is they are made from recycled plastics and out of all the shoes I've seen are the loveliest, prettiest and stream the best with my outlook for wearable things. I heart them so much, and also with my ethos, take care not to own too many of them.

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