Saturday, 5 January 2013

Atsui desu ne!

Japanese for 'It's hot, hey?' is 'Atsui desu ne!'

Oh boy. Yesterday was so hot in the 40 whatever (Celsius, was probably over 100 F) heat. I got a hair appointment earlier in the day, and then spent the afternoon at the ice skating rink in town where it cooled us down. It was my darling bestie's birthday, so she called the shots, but Husbie gave her the idea!

Poor Baby Darling was very sweet in the heat, and not as bothered as I thought he would be. But, inside in the air con, he LOVED the ice rink! So much noise, lights and action. He adores being around people, and you can see his little mind clicking over loving and learning about humans! Me too, I love it!

Post-birth, I'm not yet back into yoga... so I didn't skate just in case I got overzealous! I do have my eye on a few early morning yoga classes next week, and I think I'll slowly see how my body bends!

Stay cool guys, if you're in Australia of course! Thoughts are with those near bushfires and hope things are going ok!


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