Saturday, 19 January 2013

Busy Bee at Mine

We are loving our new kitchen here at the Darling Household, pictured here on Christmas morning. It's all so easy to use (new oven not pictured, but so fast and dreamy to cook things!), and clean and to keep cluttered free... one thing I've noticed in myself is that it's a little harder to grab food or coffee or whatever when you have a baby... he's keeping himself occupied and loving looking at everything for longer periods so it's not as hard as it was... but for the first 3 months having this space clean and gorgeous and always having things at the ready - thanks to our freaking AWESOME washing machine - was a dream and an easy transition into Mama-hood for me!

For all you Darling trainspotters... the kitchen was an August 2012 project (our darling friend built it for us) that had the finishing touches on Monday, and I was in labour by Wednesday. Nothing like a big deadline in the Darling house. I would LOVE to get some time to photograph the whole space, because it's just gorgeous. Maybe a 2013 project for us! Our darling builder has a blog too, so I'll get all that hooked up once those photos get done. Sometime this year... I have no deadlines now with baby in tow!

Our latest house happenings is a backyard makeover, just a few stop-gap ideas until we work out what the bigger picture for it is. I'm dreaming about child friendly spaces and fun adventures for Baby Darling! We're at work out there today, I've just popped in to grab the camera for progress shots!

A big shout out to the lovely Franca and her little family, they've just moved into a new flat with their tiny little newborn Milo! Wishing you guys lots of happy settling in times and cuddles and kisses and relaxing moments ahead! I love my house and being settled in the one spot and enjoying my space with my babe is perfect... so I wish you lots of lovely space and time in your new place! Congratulations guys! xoxo

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Thank you! I was saying just now how lovely it will be this week not having to pack stuff and phone people all day but just to be able to enjoy chilling out with the baby. If we could have done all the moving and decorating pre-birth that would have been ideal.

  2. I can't wait to own a house so I can design my dream kitchen. I said to Corey when we buy a house don't worry about what the kitchen looks like cause we will renovate it to what I want :-) I am doing a blog button swap with a few of my fav bloggers and was wondering if you might be interested? Shoot me an email at ksultanie(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know. Kat xo


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