Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hot Hair

On Friday, the well and truly hot hot hot day for us, I got an early hairdressers appointment and I took this #selfie to highlight my glam hair but to show the 'real' side of a huffy and puffy gal in the 40 plus degree heat... However I look quite cool and calm! I'm surprised!

Right now I'm blogging from my phone, via the blogger app (which seems to have been updated since I last used it) as I'm back in Gippsland for a bit. Being in the phone, I'm not sure of the layout etc! A new year means a bit of a spruce up around here, so you might see a few little admin and layout changes in the next few weeks. We'll see when I get a bit of time for photoshop!

One of my ideals for this year is to make something every week, and I've made 2 necklaces already but forgot to photograph both of them! Drats! My current creative inkling is to make macramé out of old tshirts, I saw a few on Pinterest, so maybe I'll convince mum to join me in relearning some mad macramé skillz!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! X


  1. I've just returned from staying with my rellies in Gippsland and I'm super jealous that you're still there! Enjoy your stay - and your hair looks fab.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I just got back from my melbourne holiday visiting my sister. It sucked to leave but it's nice to have Imogen back home. She was a bit out of whack on holidays.

  3. Your hair looks lovely. We are coolish today but expecting 43 degrees in Sydney tomorrow. I'm happy to be working in air con. Bushfires making Tassie holiday look a bit dodgy!!


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