Monday, 7 January 2013


Been busy today, and got some photographs of my first adult attempt at macramé (I have made a plant hanger before, but in grade 3!)!!! Have you noticed (or is just a Pinterest thing?) how terrariums and hanging pots and kitsch things our mums made are back in fash? I saw a massive hanging pot in a Smith Street store last year, with huge white ropes, and thought I should give the regular version a go!

If you follow my Pinterest boards, this How To is on the Crafty Ideas and is totally a no sew thing, totally a project you can finish in a baby nap (mine may have slept 45 mins) and, my fave, made from an old singlet. I made another one from an old tshirt while Baby Darling had another nap!

( again, posting from my phone, apols for the layout!) x


  1. So cute! And as a wannabe crafter (sadly I have no sewing talent), this looks totally do-able. Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to check out your Pinterest boards soon xx

  2. I love macrame!! My Mom has kept all of her macrame decorations from over the years, and I've been begging her to teach me asap :) Your pot holder looks marvelous!

  3. Very cool! I saw some cool macrame when I was in Melbourne. At our local vintage/fashion markets here there is a stall that sells neon macrame plant holders. They are super cute!


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