Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mama Lyf: Recently

Baby Darling was born 4 months ago today, and it seems like at least 3 years just from how steep the learning curve has been for us all, and how long the days are. My friend had a theory because babies sleep and nap so many times in a 24 hour period, perhaps they think it's a new day everytime they wake up... and that's why our childhood years felt so long and our adult years feel like they're slipping by so fast.

My Mama Lyf (I sometimes #hashtag that if you're interested/bored) has been amazing, a challenge, an absolute delight, all the stereotypes you ever wondered about being a Mum, funny, laughable and weepy & tearful (in good and bad ways). There are so many details I want to write about and capture, but just not enough spare typing/writing hands to do it... I think about voice activated technology so I can just say my thoughts to the computer, but I don't have time to set it up or work out how it works.

From pregnancy, where my body was physically changing all the time... growing bigger (in the uterus) and changing emotions with hormones and all the natural stuff moving around your mind and body... the constant thing is "change"... you can bank on change, and you can feel happy knowing things will change. "This Too Shall Pass" was my 2012 saying, and it still applies to Mama Lyf now. And it's comforting knowing that change is here with me always. Baby Darling changes all the time, his habits, his likes, his dislikes... and I do too. Last week I wanted to eat chocolate nonstop and today I feel nothing, and my sweet tooth has gone. Oh I loved my sweet tooth, I miss it, but not really.

Today, I also went to yoga for the first time since I became an external Mama (I frequented yoga pre-natal classes until maybe 7 or 8 months) and everything just fell into place! Baby woke at 5.56am for a feed, and went back to sleep by 6.10am, so I grabbed a few mouthfuls of fruit and muesli and made it to a new studio in the west by 6.30am... a great teacher and a great class and I loved feeling my body do different things than just walk and carry/wear Baby Darling. And I feel so much more awake and energised because of it! I KNOW, I'm a stereotype of things today, but I just feel so much better! And I didn't even realise I didn't feel 'better'...

Anyways, from time to time (I hope you don't mind) I might write a little about Mama Lyf... I've always felt quite strongly that my blog here is about sewing and creating and my challenge in that... but I guess, through those things I've also become a really confident person and being a Mama is in some parts creating things and being confident as well... But, we'll see... I change my mind a lot these days and perhaps next week I'll be sewing vintage type dresses for you instead?! Who knows! Expect lots of changes!

As we live in the West of Melbs, Baby Darling has an automatic AFL team to go for. The Western Bulldogs! We walk past their training oval sometimes, and I tell him not to kick too much as he's too young for the draft.

Hope you're having a gorgeous week so far! (From this blissed out yoga girl! x)


  1. It'sso nive to pop in and see how you are doing, and the contentment that oozees out of every word.

    Having a baby is one of the most creative things you could do, so go ahead..write about it. It's your passion...

    How could you stop?

    Love from the inner west..

  2. I loved reading about your creations over at The Sew Weekly, and now I get to peek in a little on your newest creation! ;)

    I remember the first three months with my first baby were like one long day that never ended. Wake up, breastfeed, change diaper, put baby to sleep, repeat. It felt interminable. Then around the 4 month mark his days started to get organized, I started to feel normal and not fall asleep standing up at the post office (true story), and by 6 months, it felt like it was going too fast!

    I read a scientific paper that explained that all societies, regardless of their sense of arithmetic, view time logarhythmically i.e. years appear shorter as we age. "Primative peoples" and we educated folk alike all sense that time speeds up as we age because each additional year is a smaller and smaller proportion of our total life.

    1. *logarithmically

      (guess I'm still too tired sometime for my own good)

  3. Personally, I like hearing about your life-as-mama. :-) Bring it on, lady!

    (Of course, I may be somewhat biased since my one's only three days younger than yours. Heh.)

  4. I like reading about it - obviously!

    any 14 minutes from feed to back to sleep - I dream of that!

  5. I love reading about your mumma life! It's interesting to be reading about someone that is going through the same stages as me.

  6. Oh how did I miss that you HAD A BABY?! I can't believe it. Congratulations, Darling. What a lovely leg that is in the photo. Can't wait to hear more about it all--and yes to the fun blending of our mama and making lives. xo


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