Saturday, 12 January 2013

Pondering Etsy

Hi goodlooking, I have a question... about etsy! Do you think people would be interested in buying second hand, self made clothing? They're secondhand because I've worn them maybe 10 times (or some I've worn 2 times) and self made because... I made them!

Life as a Mama has very few dilemmas (if you look at the glass half full way of looking - or in my case - glass very full while some would see it empty!) and one dilemma is my quantity of frocks that I still can't wear due to breastfeeding or I'm just not that 'into' the style anymore because my life has evolved a bit.

So, I'm pondering listing some frocks on etsy that are in very good condition, nicely made by me, and often from recycled fabrics (the above is the bedsheet I dyed and then made into a darling frock for Sew Weekly) ... and just wanted to gauge your thoughts! I haven't used etsy for a while, and maybe you have? Let me know your thoughts babes!

Anyways, we're back from holidays and have lots of errands to run around the house... so hopefully I'll have some clearer photos for you (but you didn't mind the iphone photos did you?) and some nice stories to tell. NICE STORIES!? Oh I make myself laugh!



  1. I think it's a great idea! I reckon people would totally buy 2nd hand hand-made clothing. I was having a similar thought recently too actually, after doing the usual review of my wardrobe, there's a few things I made but never wear.

  2. That's an awesome idea!
    I want to steal most of the clothes you post on here. :-) I reckon go for it. (please be my size!!)

  3. Hi V! I think people would definitely buy them, not sure if Etsy is the right avenue... maybe? I've seen others just sell through their blogs (for example which you could probably do here, as many of us have loved watching you make your creations.

  4. this was are a dressmaking machine! you should sell some of your dresses...second hand is second hand afterall..(I'd buy them if I was the right size!) then you'll have room for more dresses! :-)

  5. YES! I absolutely think this is a great idea! Secondhand is my preferred shopping method if I can't make it myself. I would definitely buy your gorgeous clothing - hopefully I can fit! LOL!

  6. totally. we buy thrifted all the time, thrifted handmade is even better! now to ponder your measurements on my bod...

  7. I would definitely buy your dresses! I don't think because they are handmade or second hand they should be worth less and your style is so cute that people would want them.

  8. yes! i totally think you should do it! i know i'd be interested for sure. :)


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