Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Country Life

Looking out toward the western sky from Bairnsdale, in Victoria... we've been in the country a LOT since Baby Darling was born. My parents live there, we've had people to visit and chat with and my friends held their engagement party there.

Having Baby Darling in our lives now, we've tried to carry on life as normal now that he's over 3 months... do the things we'd normally do... and he just loves being with us, meeting people and seeing the world. Before he was born, several people (including an amazing remedial massage guy) mentioned to me how in many cultures it was common to stay at home just Mama & Newborn, often wrapped and swaddled up (both baby and adult!) and have limited visits of family and friends... for up to 3 months. Being a very energetic and happy social bunny, I surprised myself by actually wanting all this quiet time post birth. I didn't leave my house for 3 weeks, and only went a few quiet and calm places together as a family (including a lovely 2 week country stay at Mum and Dad's) until maybe 2 months after Baby Darling was born. We'll never know of course, but his slow introduction to the world (many people called it his final trimester, but out of utero), has created a friendly, happy go lucky carefree little child. He's just gorgeous! But you know, I'm incredibly biased! He's my absolute favourite!

My thoughts are (as always throughout the hotter days in Victorian summertime) in the country when there are bushfires... so thinking of everyone close by the fires, and those amazing people working to stop them for us. Stay safe if you're holidaying as well.



  1. I really enjoyed that quiet time at home post-birth too. And now, back working three days a week, when I'm at home on tuesdays and wednesdays with my babe I usually just feel like hanging out at home, or dawdling around the neighbourhood. I think she likes the quiet days too. One-on-one mama and babe time, just laughing and being silly together. Bliss.....

  2. So lovely...brings back sweet memories for me...yes babies, and young children, revel in the mundane...they feel secure in a calm, predictable environment...I'm pleased you're getting to have this time with your little boy...

  3. I was the total opposite after having Imogen. After being in hosputal for 3 days then going home and being at home for 3 days I was bursting to go outside. A week after she was born I woke up and send to Corey we need to leave the house today. I go a bit stir crazy if I am at home for too long. But Imogen loves going out and will sleep anywhere now so I think it has done her good getting her used to being out of the house since a young age. Gorgeous pic btw. I love the country! I'd live in the country if only I could get decent work out there too.

  4. You should be out and about. We called my eldest daughter our portable princess. By the time she was three she had been all over Asia and spent seven weeks in outback Guatamala. Just make sure their sleep routine is the same every day and you can go anywhere.


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