Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tiny Armed Tshirt

Another day of holiday in Gippsland; another crafty adventure! This one is tres cute, but I wouldn't even try popping it on Baby Darling because I misjudged the armhole size! Tres tiny!

It's fun being on holidays while Baby Darling naps and entertains himself! He's getting older and giving us so much fun and laughter with his giggles, energy and learning! While I sewed this up, he slept and then looked out the window at the trees for a while! So cute!

I'll try this baby tshirt again, with wider sleeves (I've drawn up a pattern after I made this to get better proportions!) and with another old singlet! This mauve one might have to become a baby singlet instead!


  1. A baby refashion - that is motherly love!

  2. Did you draft this yourself? It's amazing! While it may not fit with tiny arms they do look super cute!


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