Monday, 25 February 2013

Mama Lyf: Out of the Darkness

Happy Monday!

Most of my weekend was hanging with my boys poolside, because as always, Melbourne was hot. But it was also the last weekend of summer, so maybe autumn time will be normal.

I also spent a few minutes getting some photographs ready to make a book for my sister-in-law (an extremely belated birthday present) and found this photo Husbie took of me. We are in MONA in Tassie, at my favourite part of the gallery... a dark dark circular room with just a tall candle in the middle. The walls are luminous and it's very womblike. It's also the safest feeling but a scary feeling at the same time being there.

Obviously it was amazing experiencing art by being within the piece like this... but also seeing my photo here made me realise how we're into a new era of Babyland/Mama/Papa/Lyf. We're out of the darkness of unknown... where you aren't sure of what your baby likes or doesn't like... where you don't know what you'll be doing in 10 minutes let along the next day or week. We're in the darkness sometimes still, the darkness of uncertainty... but mostly we're out. Of course, I don't think about these things day to day... I love philosophising about things usually, but don't have a lot of time or space in my brain these days... but I do feel a change in me and my baby and our lives compared to this time being in this candle lit room. I don't think I was vulnerable at the time (in this photo) but I feel I was on reflection... because now I feel amazing and wonderful and brilliant! Out of the darkness, and confident again of myself and my new Mama Skillz. W-O-W.

Back to reality though, my baby is asleep so I have to clear the lounge before guests arrive and maybe do some makeup on my face. Because oftentimes I forget to do the makeup on my face before guests arrive. Can you also tell my philosophising brain has given up after a couple of paragraphs?! LOLZ. Part of me is also wanting to write/blog my real life as much as possible, and so I try not to edit myself for you... Maybe soon I'll do a week of photos/blogging of real life Mama Lyf just for the LOLZ/MEMORIES. Without the makeup on my face too!


Saturday, 23 February 2013


Most days of our Melbourne summer have been hot, and it's been tricky trying to keep Baby Darling cool as he also runs quite hot himself. Normally it's a summer of extremes, so it's weird just having consecutive days of 30 degrees plus.

We've been exploring our suburbs a lot too, taking Baby Darling to beaches we've never been to (Altona Beach pictured above!) and swimming pools. We love North Melbourne & Coburg outdoor pools! So great sitting under big old gum trees and baby pools aplenty!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Leftover Tshirt Scraps

As the Macrame Terrarium I made recently used only the bottom part of the T in a Tshirt, I had the neckline part and sleeves left over... so thought I could get possibly two baby tshirts out of it, and this is the first!

See my scraps below:

One of Baby Darling's existing long sleeve tshirts is a kinda bat wing style, so I placed it over the neckline and cut around it (with approx 1.5cm seam allowance), keeping the shoulder seams and neckline. As the macrame works better without the bottom edge of the tshirt (the hemmed bit) I hadn't used that, so attached it to the new hem of this tshirt and the cuffs of the sleeve... make sense?

It is pretty baggy and loose around the neckline (it is for a man, not a baby) but he'll be able to wear it fine with a singlet or a tshirt underneath when the weather cools down. And I love the print being cut off, it's the same at the back, but some letters are cut off... looks totally refashioned!

I have some left over orange that I reckon can be sleeves on another baby tshirt... so this could potentially be 1 old man's tshirt becoming THREE new things! WIN!

Thank you for your kind comments about taking Baby Life/Mama Lyf slow... seeing how he's changed already in 5 months is incredibly, so I love being with Baby Darling daily and soaking him up! What a guy!


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mama Lyf: Pick a Posie

I would love to be writing now and showing off my pick a posie from my own garden, and marvelling at my flower arraigning. Isn't Mama Lyf GRAND, I would scream! But no, these lovely flowers are from the little sustainable festival our local council put on down our main street... and I did pick them (or my lovely friend picked them for me) for the orange flowers, from one of the market stalls!

My mama lyf is often very calm, and quiet... but also very busy and strenuous. Lately Baby Darling just keeps GROWING, and not longer... heavier. We all know how petite I am, well my baby is probably close to 9 kgs and he's just turned 5 months. (Actually, we just popped on the scales to check... with his nappy, he's maybe 10 kgs! WTF, maybe my scales are warped?) So... strenuous on me, and while we've been out walking a lot, I just need to get to yoga more to stretch out all these upper back & arm muscles. I'm extremely pleased that my milk is working for him, and so happy that he's happy and healthy. But, freaking hell, I never thought he'd be this heavy! I thought as he'd grow (slowly), my fitness and strength would be tailored to suit... but this week, I've felt it!

We've also been keeping really busy; going to the beach, going to the pool, playing at home, playing at the shops (kill me now, but I know why shopping malls are so busy - the air con and easy pram access!), visiting friend's places, going to Mother's Group, visiting my work, travelling on trains, visiting the cafes in town a LOT and playing in the parks. Baby Darling is one friendly dude, and doesn't like to be stagnant. Again, I'm super pleased and super happy he's social and friendly and has such a strong desire to learn... but I thought these things would be later on and I'd slowly introduce him to things... Nup. He's after it all and now. Thank goodness he is ok with a few naps during the day (he's onto his 2nd now, around 40 ins or so at a time)... but it could all change tomorrow.

But I guess, I'm still trying to find myself in his life. And I'm sure that'll come along soon. I'm extremely passionate in and with my interests & loves & friends & hobbies, and that's probably why Baby Darling is so passionate about life as well.

Anyways, now the boy is asleep, I'll get this laundry done and then perhaps start some more sewing! YAY! Or maybe I should have lunch instead?!


Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Macrame Terrarium

Have you, like me, noticed the love for macrame & terrariums online, in design blogs and pinterest faves? My friend at work talked about Terrariums a lot and we would laugh at the spelling and mispronounciations of the word... I could easily say 'terr-RAH-rium' instead of 'terr-rare-rium' to be posh. But I also remembered my family had a terrarium coffee table (YES!) and although I don't we called it a terrarium, it was a magical place there indeed!

Anyways, this week I cut up an old tshirt (bought especially for the colour from the op shop), and made this darling birthday present!

Following this tutorial was pretty easy for the macrame, you pretty much cut off a big tshirt under the arms, make it into 8 strips and then create a series of knots at different parts to cuddle the terrarium. My test macrame was pretty neat, so it didn't take too long to get to making this orange one. I found the round glass vase at the op shop in Gippsland, and planted two little succulent plants a few weeks back to see how they'd grow. And they're just darling!

If you're out walking a lot (like my #mamalyfe) you can keep your eyes peeled for broken bits of succulents if your neighbourhood grows them in the front yard. In the past few months, I've noticed lots of broken pieces or leaves and if you plant them, they'll grow! I never break off any bits, I just gather up pieces that I've found on the footpath, that's ok in my books!

I absolutely love it, and might be a new favourite pass-time! Refashioning mens tshirts and growing succulents!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Zebras on the wall

At the Laneway Festie, we caught these guys doing some art!

Great shapes... I might go down to the Happy River Cafe soon to see what it looks like completed!

I have to say, I'm in LOVE with the western suburbs of Melbs... it's just great living in such a busy inspiring place... everything is still very old and daggy, while there are bubbles & pockets of contemporary life sprinkled around... I might give you a quick gush post soon about all my loves here! Mama Lyfe has got me out and about in the west, that's for sure!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Massive Mustard Larf

Yay! I actually used the overlocker for this! Yes, it may be incredibly simple, and yes, it really was a long piece of material and I just overlocked the ends together. But by George! It's SOMETHING and I made it! YAY!

I realise now that this wash on the photos has made the colour less mustardy on this scarf/loop = larf, but it gives you the idea. (On the larf - here's the discussion/post we came up with the name!)

I made it quickly for the Laneway Festival, just in case the weather changed, and it was good coverage for the breastfeeding situation I often find myself in.

It wasn't as cold though, so I only put it on for the ride home, but I've worn it a few more times this week, and I betcha I'll wear it once autumn comes along. We're getting SO many summery days this year, it's amazing. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! x

Friday, 8 February 2013

Mama Lyf: Knitting

This baby blanket began in August, as I went on maternity leave, and I've only just managed to pick it up again... yes, in the sweltering summer of Melbourne. What am I thinking?! I'm thinking I have to finish it! Not for my bub now, too little for him and too warm for swaddling or blankets! A darling 2013 newborn.

I've chosen some lovely colours, but I'll wait til it's finished to show it off... I've just added a third colour today and seem to be speeding along ok! Continental ALL THE WAY!

Mama Lyf kinda suits having small projects that you can put down, or pick up when you have 5 minutes spare. I've watched Project Runway this week, while Baby Darling slept, and knitted at the same time. LUXURIOUS! I really want to make a new dress for a party tomorrow, but totally won't get there in time. I should have started it 2 weeks ago!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Refashioned Necklace

Hello Crafty!

Over the holidays, I've pinned a few wish listy type things... and I finally made a couple of necklaces from tshirt material. My dad donated the tshirt for this one, and sometime in early January I cut it into strips, and tied it together.

I made two, one for my bestie Amy for her birthday, and tied them together differently... I preferred Amy's version (which I forgot to photograph) just because I didn't include a clasp, it just pulls over your head (but being tshirt material, it's totally stretchy). This one is a little cute with the button (vintage/stash of course!) and I left the ends of the strips out:

I have pinned about 4 tutorials on how to make these, but you can find so many more... recycled tshirt necklaces are aplomb on the internerdz! I'm still not sure if this one is for me... I have a few more fabrics (tshirts!) to cut up, and I think for me, I need a shorter one, so that when I'm breastfeeding (which is taking over my whole life at the moment, I even BOUGHT breastfeeding bathers and wore them at the beach yesterday!) it'll cover some of my chest/neck area so there's not as much flesh on show... Sometimes there's a lotta skin out there, and mostly I don't mind, but good to have options just on the occasions when I'm out and about and suddenly feel weird about exposing it all!

This has been a refashion type of year so far, with the macrame and these necklaces... I can't even begin to look at the sewing room properly, it's too big of a clean up job for the few hours I have to myself each day... I'll get to it eventually I'm sure... Baby Darling is becoming more and more independent each week!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alternative Ice Cubes

When we working-beed at our place recently, I had an ice cube tray malfunction (ie, I tried to knock them out before they were frozon, clutzie!) so improvised with frozen blackberries! We have a lot of soda in our house (Sodastream Lovers!) so they tanged the soda just slightly, absolutely delish and looks cute!

I would have taken a photo with the glasses full of soda, but they went so quickly! It's hot working outside in the garden!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Laneway is the Only Way

Oh I love St Jerome's Laneway Festival. Totally my favourite! It was on again on Sunday down at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, a short bike ride from my house!

This year, Baby Darling came with us (instead of last year, he was on the inside! I was secret pregnant! Secret Pregz when you shouldn't share with peeps, just in case) and loved the noise, the crowds, the trees, the music, the tv screens and being outside. We didn't see as many bands this year (Polica, Of Monsters Of Men & alt-j) but it was still an awesome time. Truly the best city music festival!

You can see my photos from last year, and the year before... and the time before in Sydney, love Laneway! This year (like 2 years ago) I made a scarf/loop to wear when it cooled off... but we ended up seeing alt-j then busting a move home. I have been making stuff, so I'm hoping to update you soon!

Baby Darling fell asleep during alt-j too! He's so comfy in the wrap, and it's so easy to get around with him. Sometimes I wear it at home with him, do the laundry etc! I just learnt how to do a backpack wrap too! SO EXCITED! #mamalyf

So many people, but Baby Darling was cool as a cucumber!

Hope you're having a great week!

I have a few posts planned, as I got some photos of things I've been making and will slowly get to the computer and post them! When Baby Darling naps, I catch up on the house stuff, so the internets is a lower priority... as you can imagine! He's good at sleeping, but doesn't tend to sleep very long (at the moment at least), but today he's snoozing a bit after we visited playgroup!


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