Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Massive Mustard Larf

Yay! I actually used the overlocker for this! Yes, it may be incredibly simple, and yes, it really was a long piece of material and I just overlocked the ends together. But by George! It's SOMETHING and I made it! YAY!

I realise now that this wash on the photos has made the colour less mustardy on this scarf/loop = larf, but it gives you the idea. (On the larf - here's the discussion/post we came up with the name!)

I made it quickly for the Laneway Festival, just in case the weather changed, and it was good coverage for the breastfeeding situation I often find myself in.

It wasn't as cold though, so I only put it on for the ride home, but I've worn it a few more times this week, and I betcha I'll wear it once autumn comes along. We're getting SO many summery days this year, it's amazing. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! x


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