Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Laneway is the Only Way

Oh I love St Jerome's Laneway Festival. Totally my favourite! It was on again on Sunday down at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, a short bike ride from my house!

This year, Baby Darling came with us (instead of last year, he was on the inside! I was secret pregnant! Secret Pregz when you shouldn't share with peeps, just in case) and loved the noise, the crowds, the trees, the music, the tv screens and being outside. We didn't see as many bands this year (Polica, Of Monsters Of Men & alt-j) but it was still an awesome time. Truly the best city music festival!

You can see my photos from last year, and the year before... and the time before in Sydney, love Laneway! This year (like 2 years ago) I made a scarf/loop to wear when it cooled off... but we ended up seeing alt-j then busting a move home. I have been making stuff, so I'm hoping to update you soon!

Baby Darling fell asleep during alt-j too! He's so comfy in the wrap, and it's so easy to get around with him. Sometimes I wear it at home with him, do the laundry etc! I just learnt how to do a backpack wrap too! SO EXCITED! #mamalyf

So many people, but Baby Darling was cool as a cucumber!

Hope you're having a great week!

I have a few posts planned, as I got some photos of things I've been making and will slowly get to the computer and post them! When Baby Darling naps, I catch up on the house stuff, so the internets is a lower priority... as you can imagine! He's good at sleeping, but doesn't tend to sleep very long (at the moment at least), but today he's snoozing a bit after we visited playgroup!


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  1. yay! gorgeous photos of baby in sunny melbs xo our bubs have always loved noise, esp when being worn. gorgeous xo


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