Monday, 18 February 2013

Leftover Tshirt Scraps

As the Macrame Terrarium I made recently used only the bottom part of the T in a Tshirt, I had the neckline part and sleeves left over... so thought I could get possibly two baby tshirts out of it, and this is the first!

See my scraps below:

One of Baby Darling's existing long sleeve tshirts is a kinda bat wing style, so I placed it over the neckline and cut around it (with approx 1.5cm seam allowance), keeping the shoulder seams and neckline. As the macrame works better without the bottom edge of the tshirt (the hemmed bit) I hadn't used that, so attached it to the new hem of this tshirt and the cuffs of the sleeve... make sense?

It is pretty baggy and loose around the neckline (it is for a man, not a baby) but he'll be able to wear it fine with a singlet or a tshirt underneath when the weather cools down. And I love the print being cut off, it's the same at the back, but some letters are cut off... looks totally refashioned!

I have some left over orange that I reckon can be sleeves on another baby tshirt... so this could potentially be 1 old man's tshirt becoming THREE new things! WIN!

Thank you for your kind comments about taking Baby Life/Mama Lyf slow... seeing how he's changed already in 5 months is incredibly, so I love being with Baby Darling daily and soaking him up! What a guy!


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  1. I'm really enjoying reading your Mama Lyf posts - really gentle & loving.


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