Monday, 25 February 2013

Mama Lyf: Out of the Darkness

Happy Monday!

Most of my weekend was hanging with my boys poolside, because as always, Melbourne was hot. But it was also the last weekend of summer, so maybe autumn time will be normal.

I also spent a few minutes getting some photographs ready to make a book for my sister-in-law (an extremely belated birthday present) and found this photo Husbie took of me. We are in MONA in Tassie, at my favourite part of the gallery... a dark dark circular room with just a tall candle in the middle. The walls are luminous and it's very womblike. It's also the safest feeling but a scary feeling at the same time being there.

Obviously it was amazing experiencing art by being within the piece like this... but also seeing my photo here made me realise how we're into a new era of Babyland/Mama/Papa/Lyf. We're out of the darkness of unknown... where you aren't sure of what your baby likes or doesn't like... where you don't know what you'll be doing in 10 minutes let along the next day or week. We're in the darkness sometimes still, the darkness of uncertainty... but mostly we're out. Of course, I don't think about these things day to day... I love philosophising about things usually, but don't have a lot of time or space in my brain these days... but I do feel a change in me and my baby and our lives compared to this time being in this candle lit room. I don't think I was vulnerable at the time (in this photo) but I feel I was on reflection... because now I feel amazing and wonderful and brilliant! Out of the darkness, and confident again of myself and my new Mama Skillz. W-O-W.

Back to reality though, my baby is asleep so I have to clear the lounge before guests arrive and maybe do some makeup on my face. Because oftentimes I forget to do the makeup on my face before guests arrive. Can you also tell my philosophising brain has given up after a couple of paragraphs?! LOLZ. Part of me is also wanting to write/blog my real life as much as possible, and so I try not to edit myself for you... Maybe soon I'll do a week of photos/blogging of real life Mama Lyf just for the LOLZ/MEMORIES. Without the makeup on my face too!


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