Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mama Lyf: Pick a Posie

I would love to be writing now and showing off my pick a posie from my own garden, and marvelling at my flower arraigning. Isn't Mama Lyf GRAND, I would scream! But no, these lovely flowers are from the little sustainable festival our local council put on down our main street... and I did pick them (or my lovely friend picked them for me) for the orange flowers, from one of the market stalls!

My mama lyf is often very calm, and quiet... but also very busy and strenuous. Lately Baby Darling just keeps GROWING, and not longer... heavier. We all know how petite I am, well my baby is probably close to 9 kgs and he's just turned 5 months. (Actually, we just popped on the scales to check... with his nappy, he's maybe 10 kgs! WTF, maybe my scales are warped?) So... strenuous on me, and while we've been out walking a lot, I just need to get to yoga more to stretch out all these upper back & arm muscles. I'm extremely pleased that my milk is working for him, and so happy that he's happy and healthy. But, freaking hell, I never thought he'd be this heavy! I thought as he'd grow (slowly), my fitness and strength would be tailored to suit... but this week, I've felt it!

We've also been keeping really busy; going to the beach, going to the pool, playing at home, playing at the shops (kill me now, but I know why shopping malls are so busy - the air con and easy pram access!), visiting friend's places, going to Mother's Group, visiting my work, travelling on trains, visiting the cafes in town a LOT and playing in the parks. Baby Darling is one friendly dude, and doesn't like to be stagnant. Again, I'm super pleased and super happy he's social and friendly and has such a strong desire to learn... but I thought these things would be later on and I'd slowly introduce him to things... Nup. He's after it all and now. Thank goodness he is ok with a few naps during the day (he's onto his 2nd now, around 40 ins or so at a time)... but it could all change tomorrow.

But I guess, I'm still trying to find myself in his life. And I'm sure that'll come along soon. I'm extremely passionate in and with my interests & loves & friends & hobbies, and that's probably why Baby Darling is so passionate about life as well.

Anyways, now the boy is asleep, I'll get this laundry done and then perhaps start some more sewing! YAY! Or maybe I should have lunch instead?!



  1. Enjoy your mama's irreplaceable.

  2. i love your thoughts on finding yourself in your new life. lyf, sorry!! to be honest that scares me... so many of my friends just don't have time for themselves anymore. maybe i'll pass on how you do it for their aid!!

    cause let's face it, if anyone can do it, you can, you dynamo with your wee hercules darling!

  3. Oh, the bouquet is adorable! Like Gail said, enjoy this time, it is so precious, sounds like a cliche you hear all the time, but believe me it hits you bigtime when your little ones are all adults and you'll look back with much nostalgia and happiness at this lovely time when you were the only one for him :)) Really.
    Take care of your back (speaking from experience :S )
    and a girl as creative as you will find something for yourself in no time. I was madly into making Topkids clothes for my kids when they were little, when there was time! :)

  4. Thanks so much for this post, I've been struggling to articulate what you have said about trying to find yourself in your baby's life - this is a real challenge for me at the moment, but I hope that as more of my baby's needs become wants and I can negotiate them to create a bit of space, I'll find myself again and be able to shape how we fit in with each other so we can both get what we need.

    Also - congratulations on your baby's amazing weight gain, he must be deliciously rolly! I hope he's about to stretch out and slow down the weight gain a bit so you can catch up. This is probably teaching you to suck eggs, but can you eschew as much lifting (groceries, washing etc) and vacuuming, mopping etc as possible and get your husband to wear your son when you're all together while you catch your strength up? I find it really hard to be more dependent on my partner than I have had to be before, but it has got to the point where I'd do anything for a bit of back relief!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you could relate! I'm sure we're all different as Mamas but sometimes there's got to be similarities as well... I just want to be 'real' as can be with my Mama Lyf! And yes, my Husbie and I have been sharing a lot and trying to balance out what we're good at in the parenting thing... We pull our weight and then try and help each other out as well... xoxo to you!


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