Thursday, 7 February 2013

Refashioned Necklace

Hello Crafty!

Over the holidays, I've pinned a few wish listy type things... and I finally made a couple of necklaces from tshirt material. My dad donated the tshirt for this one, and sometime in early January I cut it into strips, and tied it together.

I made two, one for my bestie Amy for her birthday, and tied them together differently... I preferred Amy's version (which I forgot to photograph) just because I didn't include a clasp, it just pulls over your head (but being tshirt material, it's totally stretchy). This one is a little cute with the button (vintage/stash of course!) and I left the ends of the strips out:

I have pinned about 4 tutorials on how to make these, but you can find so many more... recycled tshirt necklaces are aplomb on the internerdz! I'm still not sure if this one is for me... I have a few more fabrics (tshirts!) to cut up, and I think for me, I need a shorter one, so that when I'm breastfeeding (which is taking over my whole life at the moment, I even BOUGHT breastfeeding bathers and wore them at the beach yesterday!) it'll cover some of my chest/neck area so there's not as much flesh on show... Sometimes there's a lotta skin out there, and mostly I don't mind, but good to have options just on the occasions when I'm out and about and suddenly feel weird about exposing it all!

This has been a refashion type of year so far, with the macrame and these necklaces... I can't even begin to look at the sewing room properly, it's too big of a clean up job for the few hours I have to myself each day... I'll get to it eventually I'm sure... Baby Darling is becoming more and more independent each week!


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