Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Zebras on the wall

At the Laneway Festie, we caught these guys doing some art!

Great shapes... I might go down to the Happy River Cafe soon to see what it looks like completed!

I have to say, I'm in LOVE with the western suburbs of Melbs... it's just great living in such a busy inspiring place... everything is still very old and daggy, while there are bubbles & pockets of contemporary life sprinkled around... I might give you a quick gush post soon about all my loves here! Mama Lyfe has got me out and about in the west, that's for sure!



  1. My daughter was just in Melbourne for 5 weeks and is in love with that city! She has always wanted to go to Australia!
    We miss her here in Seattle Washington (USA) but are always excited for her to visit new places!

  2. I LOVE our area! Yay for the western suburbs :)


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