Friday, 29 March 2013

Mail, the IRL kind!

Yay, I got some great sewing things arrive yesterday! GREAT sewing things! To kickstart my sewing career in 2013, I jumped on the internerds (don't we all?) and grabbed myself a couple of good starting points. Colette's new Laurel (I'm sure you've seen it!) sewing pattern and Sew Liberated 'Growing Up' book (with lots of sewing patterns).

Colette's Laurel has a zillion possibilities as a basic shift dress, and there's prizes prizes prizes to be won. And you should totally get Laurel and enter all of them, because... if I can, I'll try and enter all categories! They are: Print, Colour, Self Designed Fabric (that's going to be hard for me!), Embellishment or Details, Autumn or Winter version & the Reader's Choice. So I'd LOVE to set myself the goal of sewing 6 Laurel's before April 30th... but we'll see how well I go. I'm all 'Go With The Flow' around here, as we all know... so we'll see.

I've sewn Colette's patterns before, and they're always quick and great (with different tips/techniques in the instructions, I've often found), so here's hoping the Laurel is the same. I cannot WAIT to get my freaking sewing room de-cluttered to find some stash fabrics!

But I'm also excited for the Sew Liberated book, I just had a flick through yesterday when the mail arrived and loved the look of a few projects already for Baby Darling (some soft balloon pants for someone who'd love to be crawling!), but how gorgeous is the tee pee tent!

I'd seen the Sew Liberated blog before, but only just discovered it again after googling up sleeping options for children. My only advice for new mums (as I've been told) is to never share where your baby sleeps because there's lots of different opinions on safety and what's best and that you don't want to 'start bad habits'... but late late late at night feeding (in my own bed) I started googling up where children sleep and what other families get up to. Baby Darling has slept everywhere and anywhere (and is not shy of sleep), but once he's crawling and being a proper standing up little human, I'm wondering where he'll park himself to slumber, and I discovered these Montessori type bedrooms, and then found Sew Liberated's post on her boy's bedroom (and a post on after he was born). A lot of this Montessori world isn't new to me, but it's so good to SEE what people do in their homes, so it's so lovely that people post photos on how spaces are used by little ones. THANK THE INTERNETS!

Anyways, I'm keen to be creating for me and my family now I have the inspiration and guidance, so let's see how I go! YAY!

Happy Friday to you, whether it's a good one, or just a NOM chocolate one! I ate a homemade Hot Cross Bun (however it was crossless, and SO yummy) that my Mum brought, and I can't wait to eat more over the weekend. More buns and more food! I love being with family and the meals we make!



  1. Oooh, can't wait to see your Laurels! And I'm excited to see the projects you make for Baby Darling! Happy weekend (and happy Easter, if you celebrate)!

  2. Can't wait to see your version of laurel. That kids book looks awesome. I might have to look into it. I really want to make Imogen a teepee for Christmas.

  3. I am thinking of making a Laurel myself (see my last post), if you buy the paper pattern, do you get the electronic version as well? So you can print it out later if you want to make another version? Sorry if this stupid question, I've never bought a paper pattern, but seems a lot less faffy than the print at home thing


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