Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pattern Pieces

Here's my little pattern pieces for the Refashioned Baby T I made last week (or whenever it was - I have completely lost track of times/days) for Baby Darling.

The piece on the left is the sleeve, and the larger piece is the front and back piece, because of that baby neckline (where the shoulders have layered fabric/edges so you can stretch it out and get their head in) you don't need different front and back pieces.

You can see my sharpie pen link fix up on the front/back piece... I had to make the top piece a little thinner that I'd previously drafted. And by drafted, I am seriously just drawing the shapes of the underarms of a baby, how I thought they'd be... no science to it. So I've made the underarms a little deeper (I just shaved off the fabric on the pieces once I realised it was too big on the shoulders)... on both front and back pattern pieces.

It was pretty much:

Cut the pieces (two of each) and flat bit of the bodice piece on the fold

Attach neck binding to both bodice pieces

Overlap (right side to wrong side) front and back pieces with shoulder/arm holes to where you think they'd sit well, and baste

Pin sleeves to bodice pieces, right sides together and stitch through everything

And then stitch the sides, right sides together.


You may cut yourself some corners by using an existing hem for the bodice and sleeves if you're refashioning like I did here... sometimes you look at the most fiddly bits of sewing and try to get that OUT of the equation... saves hassle & time. I love having something finished so quickly!

This week, I'm hoping to post the CUTEST dress... made for a 1 year old... it's just gorgeous! I think I'm starting to be SEWINGTASTIC again! (If that's a saying, not sure!)


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