Thursday, 21 March 2013

Reading Blogs

You've probably seen around the internerds that some people are changing to Bloglovin' as Google Reader is closing down? Everyone reads blogs in different ways, and I've always been more of a 'sit down at the computer/desktop when I have spare time and click through to your blog (from my blogroll on my page - to the right there) and have a million tabs of sewing blogs open' kind of person. I then keep tabs open forever and sometimes get around to commenting or pinteresting things I like ... and only sometimes I've used Google Reader & Bloglovin to read blogs.

Maybe Bloglovin' changed recently because I have used it more in the past year or so ... and in the flurry of lots of bloggers moving over to it in the past few weeks (thanks for all the follows you lovely peeps) I have used it daily and it is a lot better than shitloads of tabs in my browser, and I've even had time to COMMENT... so YAY! In a very time poor Mama Lyf world, that is AMAZING!

Anyways, I've been on there for a bit, so you'll find me ok I'm sure... but just to remind you (and perhaps to get on there if you're not already on there for your own blog, as I'll follow you) here's a photo I took of my desktop comptur screen to get you a bit 'meta' and into it. I have also tried the app, but realised it is iphone size, and not a happy ipad size... I'm sure they'll update. 

See you around soon, where ever you read blogs! 


  1. I imported my google contacts too... and hoping it works out smoothly. I'm such a dunce with computer stuff! But I did see your posts on my bloglovin' page, yay!

  2. I just got on BlogLovin too and I'm wondering how I went so long without using it!


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