Saturday, 9 March 2013

Weekend Flowers

I'm always in love with flowers in the home, and take just as many photos of them (and my splashback) as my baby. Maybe it's the Mama Lyfe taking over but don't they always look so P-R-E-T-T-Y? (Kill me now, I'm such a sap!) I have no idea what these kind of flowers are, they're from the shop and have lasted forever...

Once again, it's another freaking hot day and we've spent it trying to be cool ... but our house just has not been able to cool down. I know I'm like a freaking broken record around here, but man... I think there's just another week. I wish we had air con, I wish I didn't sleep next to two boiling hot boys (I run cold, so don't get too bothered usually), I wish I wasn't breastfeeding in this heat (lying down to feed helps) because it's hot sharing body heat but also I have nothing to wear that's cool and that's accessible to feed! Such dilemmas.

But don't my flowers and kitchen splashback look interesting?! LOL/HEATSTROKE.


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  1. Beautiful flowers. I too love taking photos of flowers. I never get bored of it and can never get enough of it.


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