Monday, 8 April 2013

Beginner's Luck!

Have you seen Tilly has been blogging a wrap skirt sewalong? It's one of her own sewing patterns called 'Miette', which makes me think of the darling girl in 'City of Lost Children'. (BTW, when did all these amazingly talented people start making sewing patterns? So many more indie patterns to get & covet!).

But what made me crush on Tilly with this pattern is that the FIRST thing I ever did sew, was a 1970s sewing pattern of my mother's... a WRAP SKIRT. So I got a little nostalgic seeing Tilly's version, especially that it includes these dearheart pockets! Get along to her page because my photos are just photos of the computer screen, and they look more darling in real life (via YOUR computer screen).

And I encourage all you lurkers & non (but potential) seamstresses out there, to try sewing and why not try with Tilly's pattern? If you're super thrifty like me, just buy Tilly's pattern... and go to the op shop (or the linen cupboard) and find a bedsheet to just MAKE and TRY it out. No harm done (or money lost) with using a fabric you may not need as a bedsheet anymore... my biggest fear of sewing was using 'good' fabric and wasting money. I *hate* wasting money, and using op shop/thrifted gear to start sewing is the BEST.

So try your beginner's luck with this one!

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