Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mama Lyf: Baby Wearing

My Mama Lyf has been an eye opener... some people say 'It's a whole new world, isn't it?' after you have a baby. For me it's the same world, yet shinier and happier... and more emotional (hello hormones!) and realer... like real life is daunting and sad... but having a baby gives me a different perspective on our own world. Especially the surprise in knowing more about the world that usually would pass you by. Like going to the council office for the baby's immunisations; and how many free things are around for children or Mamas! Changing/Parent rooms in shopping centres. And shopping centres! I never really hung out in places that much during the day, I guess.

One eye opener, has been the many options you can care & love your baby... and so many instincts & experiences that come along at the right time. We delayed getting our pram; I didn't know what my baby would 'feel' like or what a baby would need and how my life would change from having a baby. I'd like to be mobile, of course, and include the baby in it. But I didn't know what kind of pram was suitable until I met the baby. And then on one of our first pram outings (I think he was around 8 weeks) I met my friend who introduced me to wraps and wearing your child.

We were given a few slings and a Baby Bjorn, which my Husbie wore perfectly... but as my baby grew, I just couldn't fit it. Or it didn't fit me! So much structure and fabric and buckles for my little body! But the world of woven wraps just sat right (and fitted to me & Baby Darling perfectly!) and so I became an obsessed wrapper!

I am obsessed in that I have 2 wraps (different colours, and different lengths), but that's just 'dipping your toes in' really... as you can get addicted to all the fabric & lengths etc... and so many tying options (and so many youtube tutorials! Search woven wrap and you'll find a bunch!). I'll never be able to give all the explanation about woven wraps, and luckily my friend shared this blog with me - and yes, with this post aptly titled The Weird & Wonderful World of Woven Wraps!

Baby Darling is a bit of a sticky beak, and has to check out everything... so sometimes wearing him in the wrap is the best way for both of us. He can have a snooze as well while we're out and about. Sometimes if we're driving somewhere, I've transferred him from the car to the wrap and he has kept sleeping! I just love having options for Baby Darling to fit into my life, and I don't always need to get the pram out of the car for a quick trip to the post office or the market... we've even walked to the cafe together (with comfy shoes of course!)!

There's probably so many great things like Baby Wearing that will continue to surprise me, making life more fun & easier! I love exploring the world through my baby's perspective!

(And Doris Day loves Baby Darling's perspective as well... she gets all the cuddles!)


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  1. It was pretty cool ideas and I often like to use the same for carrying my baby while I am working in the home. Those specific jackets are really annoying while using them for long time.


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