Sunday, 28 April 2013

Resting On Your Laurels

Hi there!

I am sewing in my freaking sewing room today! (Photos of the space coming soon!) Yippee! But I wanted to pop up and show you a COOL WEIRD FABRIC choice I found today as I started TWO Laurels! (Colette Patterns' latest pattern, and there's a competition closing in a coupla days - hope I can get my Laurels finished in time!)

What fabric is it? Crochet? Wool?

Doris Day has no idea! It's really big?!

Well, you know how I like refashioning stuff? Finding a new lease of life and form, from one thing to another (la la la!), like how I usually find old bedsheets and tablecloths and make them into skirts and dresses and everything else... well, this my friends, is a freaking boring hospital blanket:

All washed & cleaned well of course, and very run of the mill white... but it kinda has a look of crochet or a wooly ladder effect through it, so I'm trying to be clever and cut it nicely in lovely ways to suit the Laurel pattern.  I thought it'd be an interesting look, especially with the bell sleeves I'm going to add to this version... it might make the winter category for the comp! Who knows!? 

I am SO happy to be sewing again, it's almost like I've won this week anyways! WINNING AT LIFE, right guys?

Happy weekend to you all xoxo

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