Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sewing Room Action Plan #1

We all know I'm trying to kick my sewing mojo into gear around here! I'm slowly plodding through my 100 Things (self imposed challenge!) and I really really really want to sew at least ONE Laurel before we go to the USA!

So, my Action Plan #1 post: REVEAL THE MESS.

Yep, this is my sewing room in it's 'storage mode'. We recently had the house cleaned and painted, and the little sewing room became repurposed. It's an old 'add on' or sunroom so it's long and skinny and has original 60s carpet. (NOT THAT YOU CAN SEE THE CARPET) And there was a lot more shit in here, but it all got put back after the painters left, so this is actually LESS CLUTTERED than before.

Yep. A Mess! You can't even see my dress forms - yes Joanie is up the back there, you can just see her black 'head' sticking up there behind Diana. Yes the girls are LONELY and sad.


So lonely. Sometimes I just go in and turn the straight stitch machine on (the light is then left on for days) before I realise that I have no time for sewing (and no space) so leave. (I did make Baby Darling's blanket in this mess, so cruel!).

But, to reveal the mess means I have to take action and clean it up. We have a couple of 'storage solutions' for the sewing stuff, and also Husbie's computer will go back to his office and mine will be here (it's smaller), but we'll also change the tables around, so here's hoping there's room and it'll all fit and be gorgeous soon.


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  1. It looks like that you have been working a lot in your room for which you are not aware with the condition of your room. I am having the same situation when I am very busy.


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