Monday, 29 April 2013

Sewing Room Action Plan #2

Another boring Sewing Room update for you guys, but another 'GONNA MAKE IT' achievement for me and my tidying up skillz. It's getting there! PLUS, bonus points to Huzby for attaching my IKEA hangy things and putting all the freaking cords away and up high and preparing our lives for a crawling baby (he's not yet, but will probably do some moving before he leaves home right?). No scissors on benches here!

The floor is CLEAR, but behind those cupboard doors is CHAOS. So it's ok to sew in for NOW, but ideally I'd like to spruce it up everywhere, and clear the clutter.

Jobs left to do:

Clear out NON sewing items
Fold up fabric (in cupboards)
Work out where and what to hang on the walls
Sort through buttons, zippers etc and find good spots for them
Maybe think about a new iron (after a mishap on my white fabric!)
Make spaces for 'To Do' projects, a 'me' space and a 'baby' space etc



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