Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Techie Time: Disqus

I'm stuck! (Photo from my Husbie's iphone from a few years ago when the floods came to Melbourne CBD!)

Acting a bit too quick for my techie brain, I loaded DISQUS to my blogger blog and the widget seems to work but the importing all my/your old comments haven't worked?

I perhaps should have researched it a bit more, but acted quickly because I noticed while using Bloglovin reader in Chrome, I leave comments on Disqus comments quicker than Blogger ones (without losing your spot - or whatever in the freaking bloglovin thingie - SO BAD AT EXPLAINING THIS)... anyways, I thought if I preferred commenting via Disqus, as it was quicker, then maybe you'd like to too, and I quickly made the change and now I'm STUCK!

I'll ask for 'help' on the Disqus page, but for now I have a page (after I click 'import/sync comments') that says 'Sorry an Error occurred at our end'... so sorry if it's tricky to comment or whatever, and I'll get back to you soon (once I get the comments back). URGH.

And you know what else? Because of the internet I don't know how to pronounce Disqus. Is it like discuss or discus that you throw? Or Dis-kwee to sound French? I know it's not important really, but I get stuck on this too (I love correct pronunciation, and the internets makes it tricky!).

Love to you and hope you enjoyed your Easter Break if you got one/celebrated it! We ate chocolate and saw comedy and took Baby Darling to the zoo! LOLZ!


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  1. I say it as 'discuss' in my head but I'm not sure if it is right. I find commenting on my phone really tricky (it's an iPhone) when it's blogger because it sometimes makes me sign in after I've written the comment then once signed in, it loses everything I had just written! Although I find it pretty straight forward posting using an android tablet so it might just be Apple being rubbish...or me! Hope you manage to solve the comments issue!


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