Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Some Red, White & Blue for you! Because: The Darling Family are going on HOLIDAY! VAY-CAY! We are going to the USA!

I'm so excited, and I cannot actually believe it! We booked flights in January, along with some NYC accom via airbnb (We're Brooklyn locals for 2 weeks!) and as it's been so busy with baby and livin' MamaLyf, I've kinda forgotten about it all, and can't believe but this time next month we'll be in LA.


We have a sweet reason on going, my Husbie was born in San Diego, but left for his homeland New Zealand when he turned 1. As Baby Darling is still little, it's more of a nostalgic & romantic holiday for us adults, but the little boy will be able to appreciate the photos & our stories as he grows up. We have a little left of the trip to plan, so I thought (since some of you guys know America *really* well) I'd ask: Where is the best stopover/sights along the drive from San Francisco to San Diego?

Our friends have shared a few ideas (Big Sur & the Madonna Inn) already (and a 3 day little minibreak in San Francisco to begin with), but would love some more family friendly and vintage or mid century dreamy spots to visit! Any recommendations or fun places you just love in California?

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