Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When I Was Just A Little Girl

I sing a lot to Baby Darling, and Doris Day is always in my head. I sing Que Sera Sera as he's going to sleep sometimes, really low and boring and slow and he drifts off. What a sweetie! I wonder how much he'll remember from when he is this little? It's a good saying to come back to really; whatever will be, will be. For who knows what will happen in his little sweet life?

Thanks for your USA ideas! I KNEW you'd have some good stopover spots, and yes if you're around that way, let me know... if we have time we can always have a vintage shop or a sewing chat! We'll be in California until May 20 and then onto NYC until June. Hooray! But please, keep the ideas going, I'm going to book accom this weekend!

AND, I know you're all DYING to know how disqus (still can't decide how to pronounce it!) is going in the comments, and it's amazing and working and needed a bit of time to import all the comments. I hope you don't mind using that as a comments system because it's really easy for me to write back to you and also I love commenting via disqus on other blogs... now that I'm using bloglovin' a lot more.

Please don't imagine me in my 50s dresses swanning around the house, singing Doris Day, having a perfectly sleepy baby with my red roses (The photo is from February earlier this year from my Husbie's photo collection, however aren't they beautiful?) as right now Baby Darling is talking at the top of his talking voice to the front loader washing machine as it's on the spin setting, while I drink a cup of tea and write to you from my kinda clean sewing room. I came to the computer to order some online/home delivered groceries, but realised as I paid for them they were being delivered next Thursday and not tomorrow, so I'll have to go shopping after all. And I'm not really a Susie Homemaker/Doris Day Perfection babe at heart, just a babe. Did I mention my child is in love with the washing machine right now? Learning about the world. Transfixed by the washing.

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