Monday, 6 May 2013

DIY Baby Friendly Necklace

I can't stop making things! I need to officially STOP and shut up shop in this sewing room once and for all! We have 2 sleeps til the USA and I have to do a LOT today to get ready. My plan is to tie up all the loose ends today, and luckily if I get stuck, my parents will be here and I can leave Baby Darling with them. (A Post Office trip is my last stop off, and it's so boring for him!)

SO! I've been looking at baby friendly wearable things, my cowl loops are the best because you can play with them (Peek-A-Boo, anyone) but I had these beads and I couldn't work out how to tie them into a teething & playing (while BF-ing) thing for Baby Darling that'd look cute as well as functional for all involved.

For some reason, I'd packed them up recently with this purple string (where the HELL would that have appeared from, gosh my stash surprises me!) and I thread the beads on (three strings together would fit through the holes of the beads, and was long enough to tie) and knot them at each ends to stop them sliding all around, but I left a bit of space for Baby Darling to fit his fingers in between them. I bet he'll love them next time we have a snack!

But hopefully it'll be a fun toy on the plane as well! So maybe I won't wear them until the plane so they'll appear new to him! Yup he's learning fast and becoming familiar with people and things now! We visited the nurse today, and yup again, he's 10.4kg (I suspected he was over 10kg) the size of a year old child. Luckily, he'll plateau from now on! 

I might try my hand at Travel Blogging, so you might see a few of our USA Adventures! 


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