Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Extra Arty Laurel in The White Blankie

Oh hey, just some more 'arty' shots of my 'photoshoot' yesterday! 'Arty' because they're not in focus, as I was using the self timer on my camera and 'photoshoot' because see Diana below as my assistant and stand in (to get focus):

Oooh, I look a bit 'tired mummy' above. Again 'arty', don't you think?

Laura reminded me that I was going to show off about this being my wearable muslin, but you probably know as I'm super thrifty (and my 'good' fabric is just vintage anyways) and don't really do muslins or toiles, just guess at the fit. I have sewn with Colette Patterns before, and mostly they're accurate for me and my bod shape.

Diana the Dressform is also wearing my other Laurel, I had planned another winter/fall one with that cotton drill floral, but didn't get it finished in time. I have a few sewing ideas for our travels (UM, we leave for the USA next week!) so might not finish it in time to take... plus dresses aren't really on the list for the suitcase, because of the breastfeeding thing.

Hopefully I'll sew a few pairs of leggings and maybe a couple of tops, but if not I do plan on thrift store shopping! Especially for Baby Darling! He's just grown out of all his winter things already, so he'll have a few shorts and tshirts for the trip and then we'll go shopping over there. I can't believe this time next week we'll be in the States.

Anyways, good luck to you ALL who entered the Colette Patterns competition! I really enjoyed seeing the array of prizes, the categories and having just looked through some of the entries via Flickr, I'm amazed at how large the sewing community has become. How lucky are we!? I've entered this dress as the detail/embellishment (only for the way I used old blankets and created a bit of detail with the top of the bodice as a yoke etc) and the winter/fall collection (of course, it's very warm and sweet - the white is an amazing colour for colder months) and the colour category, but it's a non-colour really. YAY for sewing again, and like I said before now that I've entered the dress in the comp, I've already won! Coordinating the time to sew, time to photograph and get the photos online takes a while when you have a Baby Darling in your life!

*super proud*


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