Saturday, 11 May 2013

Travel Diary: Coming To America

Well, we're in San Francisco and I'm blogging you my first travel diary note from the USA! One of my ambitions this year is to write more, and hey, I didn't bring a notebook with me. NO HARD COPY! Yikes! How will I remember everything? Do I need to remember everything? The virgo in me is having a hard time! Luckily I have this blog (and all my personal Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Yelp/Expedia/AirBnB et al) to keep a digital memory of it all. 
We travelled well considering we have a 7 month old bebe with us! He's a charmer, so kept many people entertained and happy during the 14 hour flight to LA from Melbs. There were a few tears though, but nothing outrageous and I'm sure understandable to those around us. It was the final descent that he couldn't sit still to breastfeed, so his ears hurt him a little. We then waited in the LA airport to fly to San Francisco and we were checked into our hotel in downtown San Fran by 3pm and tried to keep up as late as we could. We were all zonked by 8pm that night, and it helped balance out our jetlag for Thursday and today (i.e. no jetlag - just soar throats and sniffly noses from the zircon on the planes etc).
It seems my other life's ambition has been to TALK to Americans and ask them stuff (like directions and how to get a boarding pass or where's a good place to buy a stroller) but then to only listen to their happy voices and accents and not pay attention to the content they're sharing with me. They are all so friendly and happy and upbeat and positive, all the things I love and need right now. And having a baby with us means they're automatically in love with us before we even saying we're Australians (also a win friends easily card).
San Francisco is beautiful and friendly and quiet (we did just think the garbage trucks were fireworks though) and it's like Melbourne a lot. I'm a bit dazzled by the shops and the commercialism in the USA already though, so I better watch out! Don't worry, we've already been to a Good Will (op shop!) store, in Pacific Heights mind you (HELLO POSH PEOPLE). I've eaten Junior Mints, Hershey chocolate and ketchup and tater tots and even a bagel for breakfast. And I can't wait to eat more Junior Mints. And more.
It's only been 3 days, and there's so many more photos and stories, but thank you San Francisco for having us! I want to kiss and cuddle all your buildings and come back in summertime and see a stand up comedy show and all the other things we don't have time to do.

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